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Fearless Critic restaurant review
Counter service

Daily 11:30am–9:30pm

Features Kid-friendly, veg-friendly
Bar None
Credit cards Visa, MC


6921 Independence Pkwy.
Plano, TX
(972) 725-7740

1057 W. Rochelle Rd.
Irving, TX
(214) 596-1133
Taj Chaat House
Two locations serving Northern and Southern Indian vegetarian specialties

Chaat is basically Indian street food—the original fast food. And the unique way to order here really brings home that point. This is the way it works at Taj Chaat House: (1) Pick up slips of paper and write down how many of each item you’d like. (2) Hand paper to order counter and receive a buzzer. (3) Pick up food when buzzer goes off. (4) Eat food. (5) Pay for food and return buzzer on way out.

But what to order off a menu this large can be daunting and confusing, and there is often little help for the uninitiated. Don’t let that hold you back—it is inexpensive enough to take a chance here. One highlight is the aloo tikki, carefully prepared with mint chutney contrasting the spicy potatoes. If you have never had them, you should try the gol gappe/pani puri, hollow little puffs that you pierce with your thumbs and fill with a tasty chickpea stew. Or get the idli, pakora (fritters made with various veggies in a batter of lentils), or vada (fried lentil or potato-batter savory doughnuts). Dosai and utappam come with various fillings, condiments, and toppings. Masala dosa, with its spicy potato filling, is a good place to start. And don’t forget to try the condiment bar—chutneys and sambars are part of the experience.

Some things are surely better than others on a menu this big, and if you don’t want a Bollywood soundtrack with your meal, avoid the DJ nights on Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, this is a good intro to the world of chaat without leaving Texas.

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