“What the Fearless Critic books and apps have that UrbanSpoon and Yelp don’t is a complete lack of bullshit.”
“I’ve spent years driving around with Zagat...but I think I’ll replace it with this Fearless Critic guide.”
–Leslie Brenner,
Dallas Morning News
Fearless Critic restaurant review of the day
A throwback to a time when coffee was simply a hot caffeinated beverage to be drunk after midnight on a slouchy sofa

Coffee Time’s logo is adorably 1970s, with the font and coloring of a grocery-store loaf of bread—something with “Hearth” in the name. Indeed, when these windows glow in the gloom of an early morning, the joint is as hearthy as it gets; there are plenty of places to sit without rubbing elbows with people (grrr, people), and it’s open until the hospitable hour of 2am. Who needs vacuum pots and indie-grouchy baristas when you can drink coffee the way God… [More]

From the Super ’Stache The underpriced underdogs
Don’t be fooled by the humble strip-mall digs—this is a real pork palace

This little Beaverton gem is barely recognizable as a restaurant; there’s hardly a word printed in English on the sign. Its full name is Jang Choong Dong Wang Jok Bal, which translates roughly to “Jang Choong Dong’s Pig Hock Palace.” We understand shortening it to JCD, but to us, it will always be “Pig Hock Palace.”

Upon arrival, you will surely think you’re at the wrong place; the restaurant is sandwiched between a video store and an extremely odd sushi joint,… [More]