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Fearless Critic restaurant review
Casual restaurant

Daily 6:00pm–1:00am

Bar Beer, wine, liquor
Credit cards Visa, MC, AmEx
Reservations Accepted

Spring Branch
1927 Gessner Dr.
Houston, TX
(832) 657-0007
Da Da Mi Sushi Bistro
Even the jaded get a kick out of Korean-style sashimi straight from the tanks

Korean sashimi is different from the Japanese sort. For one thing, the size of cuts are bigger; for another, anything procured from a market may still be somewhat frozen in places—this is intentional. It’s a texture preference. Anyway, these aren’t the best orders here. See those tanks? That’s where your dinner lives. Korean sashimi means having a wriggling octopus, crunchy abalone, sea cucumber (whose ammonia flavor has its fans), or ethereal flounder dispatched and served to you, sometimes still wriggling. Dip it in a sesame-oil-and-garlic sauce and gnaw it into submission, then take a shot of soju. Order a whole fish if you have three or more people—with all those free banchan sides, it’ll be more than enough to satiate. Spicy fish stew is also good, as is a sultry egg casserole, and charred whole sardines. But for freshness that’s memorable and exciting, you can’t beat those tanks.

Though it’s in a rough-and-tumble shopping center, Da Da Mi has a fun, boisterous sushi chef and grateful staff who make up for the lack of atmosphere. Odd-looking dividers give each table complete privacy and service only comes at the push of the button (literally). Drink up, have fun, and don’t frown and poke at your food…lest it should poke back.

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