“What the Fearless Critic books and apps have that UrbanSpoon and Yelp don’t is a complete lack of bullshit.”
“I’ve spent years driving around with Zagat...but I think I’ll replace it with this Fearless Critic guide.”
–Leslie Brenner,
Dallas Morning News
Fearless Critic restaurant review
Vietnamese, Sandwiches
Counter service

Daily 10:00am–8:00pm

Features Veg-friendly
Bar None
Credit cards Visa, MC

2704 Milam St.
Houston, TX
(713) 529-1736
Les Givral’s
All Les Givral’s are created equal? Now that’s a tall tale

A story:

Once upon a time, a Vietnamese family owned Les Givral’s in Midtown. Then there was a rift of some sort—you can use your imagination, or go ahead and ask and then let us know if you get a sexier answer than we did. Some disgruntled family members opened up the Les Givral’s Kahve locations, tricking them out with abstract art and capitalizing on the original’s well-earned reputation. Then a bunch of people got confused and declared that the food at all three was equal. But you did comparison visits and found this location far superior: the pho broth, while not on the same level as Pho Danh or Pho Binh, was much more clean and layered; the banh mi ingredients stood out as being of much better quality. You thought you might like to taste more lard spread here—its butter was a little skimpy—but at around $3 for a sandwich with chargrilled pork and pâté, who was complaining? Then a big mean ogre came and said you have to meet the $10 minimum to use your card, so you bought a few more, and there was much rejoicing back at your office and now you run the place and have a harem or whatever.

The End

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