Blind tasting review
Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc
Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc
Private Bin, Marlborough

Style Light white New World Country New Zealand Price $15
Vintage tasted 2009 Grapes Sauvignon Blanc

Overview Despite a name that’s about as evocative of New Zealand as a tortilla, this wine is, for the second year in a row, a classic Kiwi concoction. We are also impressed with the makers’ unabashed commitment to screwtops: Villa Maria, to achieve better consistency, was the first maker in the world to declare its winery a “cork-free zone.”

Nose It’s almost a parody of the style: candied and tropical fruits, flowers, and vegetal aromas combine into an aggressive nose.

Mouth It’s a bit less intense here, with tropical fruit, floral flavors, and refreshing acidity.
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