“What the Fearless Critic books and apps have that UrbanSpoon and Yelp don’t is a complete lack of bullshit.”
“I’ve spent years driving around with Zagat...but I think I’ll replace it with this Fearless Critic guide.”
–Leslie Brenner,
Dallas Morning News
Fearless Critic restaurant review of the day
New Haven
Why do they call them convenience stores when they’re so small? This is much more convenient

With a wide selection of wines and liquors in two locations convenient to the main Hamden and Orange commercial zones, BevMax is handy if you need wine that’s better than grocery-store level at a steal. Because they order in such large quantities, they get a discount and can pass the savings on to the consumer. And there is a good range of regions and varietals represented. Within each, there’s plenty of the tried-and-true big names, plus a few surprises.

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From the Super ’Stache The underpriced underdogs
New Haven
Some of the best Jamaican food around comes out of a truck on the Boulevard

We were hungry, and we’d pulled into a parking lot on Ella Grasso Boulevard (still just “The Boulevard” to old-school locals), trying to turn around in search of—well, something. Then the smell crept in the car: a snap of smoke, spice and blackened meat. This was our something. But we hadn’t found it. The jerk chicken at Glen’s Bar-B-Q had found us.

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