“What the Fearless Critic books and apps have that UrbanSpoon and Yelp don’t is a complete lack of bullshit.”
“I’ve spent years driving around with Zagat...but I think I’ll replace it with this Fearless Critic guide.”
–Leslie Brenner,
Dallas Morning News
Fearless Critic restaurant review of the day
Bangkok by way of Studio 54? Amidst some nonsense, the food is solid

The best way to enter the Bangkok 54 restaurant is through the affiliated grocery store on Columbia Pike. Wind your way through the narrow aisles of rice noodles, canned coconut milk, Thai DVDs, okra, and lychees, and a certain dizziness may begin to set in. If it does, don’t worry: simply walk out the back door of the grocery store and you’ll hit the entrance to the restaurant.

Either way, you’d better be prepared for the change of pace. If the… [More]

From the Super ’Stache The underpriced underdogs
The best bun bo Hue in the Eden Center, which is no small accomplishment

Vietnamese food lovers, rejoice! The Eden Center is a bazaar paradise of All Things Vietnamese, from shops to bakeries to restaurants. If you mean to make your way through every eatery in this plaza, you’ll have your month pretty well booked up. Where to start?

Thanh Tong is a safe bet. This simple, bright, exceedingly popular hole-in-the-mall epitomizes what’s great about Eden Center: it’s cheap, it’s straightforward, and its kitchen peddles some of the most authentic Vietnamese food in America.

We especially… [More]