Blind tasting review

Family Pale Lager Style Continental Lager
Country Germany ABV 5.0%
Producer InBev
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 24oz/710ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy, refreshing

Overview Beck’s, which hails from Bremen in northern Germany, is the biggest-selling German export around the world. You’ll see this beer everywhere, from thumping nightclubs to corporate hotel bars to the Lufthansa Senator lounges. Really, Lufthansa? Must Germany’s flag carrier choose such a mediocre representative of one of its country’s proudest products?

Flavors and aromas The combination of medium skunkiness (verified in bottle after bottle, from diverse storage conditions) and light lemony/floral hops make European pale lagers like Beck’s fairly recognizable. We liked the soft bitterness and bright carbonation, and sweetness is minimal, which helps elevate Beck’s over Heineken in our minds.
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7 Beck’s Germany $$
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