Blind tasting review
Paulaner Premium Pils

Family Pale Lager Style Pilsner
Country Germany ABV 4.9%
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy

Overview Paulaner’s Bavarian pils is a classic example of the style, and the brewery wants to remind you that while pilsner was first brewed in Bohemia, it was a Bavarian brewer—Josef Groll—at the helm.

Flavors and aromas This intensely bitter pale lager is striking; there are very few out there that put so much emphasis on bitterness. There are also noble hops to be found here in the nose and the mouth, and some sweet malt. But mostly this beer offers bitterness, early and often. We suspect that more craft beer fans would drink lagers if they all tasted like this. We also suspect that many Bud Light fans would give up beer altogether if that were the case.
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