Blind tasting review
Sheaf Stout
Sheaf Stout

Family Dark Ale Style Stout
Country Australia/NZ ABV 5.7%
Producer Fosters Group
Price $$$ Packaging 12.7oz/375ml, 22oz/650ml, 25.6oz/750ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, roasty, yeasty

Overview Originally brewed by Tooth and Company, Tooth’s Sheaf Stout is now part of the Foster’s Group and is simply Sheaf Stout.

Flavors and aromas After one bottle that was badly off, a second offered a combination of nice bittersweet chocolate and harsh sharpie marker on the nose. The palate is similar: pleasant chocolate richness mingling with harsh alcohols. The marker quality subsides in the finish, letting the roast character and chocolate come out. This is a beer with potential, but the hot notes suggest issues with the fermentation.
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