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Yuengling Original Black and Tan
Yuengling Original Black and Tan

Family Dark Ale Style Blended Beer
Country USA (PA) ABV 4.7%
Price $ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle; 12oz/355ml, 16oz/473ml can
Characteristics Bitter, malty, roasty, refreshing

Overview Yuengling Black and Tan is a premixed version of the pub cocktail that turns up from time to time, mixing light and dark beers. This version combines Yuengling Premium with Yuengling Dark- Brewed Porter.

Flavors and aromas Our tasters responded well to this porter-and-lager hybrid. Aromas of mild chocolate and roast grains, with hints of sassafras, are fresh and bright. The palate is clean, with sweet malt and chocolate and roast flavors, with mild floral hops and gentle bitterness. The body is light, flavor intensity is lower than we’re accustomed to, and in the end this comes off exactly as we suspect it is intended: a refreshing, summer version of dark beer.
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