Blind tasting review
Big Daddy IPA
Big Daddy IPA

Family India Pale Ale
Country USA (CA) ABV 6.5%
Producer Speakeasy
Price $$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 22oz/650ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy

Overview San Francisco’s Speakeasy has a cool, Prohibition- and organized-crime-themed style—their mailing list members are collectively known as “The Mob,” and the brewery’s website refers to the staff as “The Family”—but their beers are mostly modern and West Coast in style. Big Daddy’s taps can be found around the Western US, and bottled beers have been available since 2000.

Flavors and aromas Big Daddy IPA is a dry-hopped beer with a big floral-citrus nose. It’s bitter, but not overwhelmingly so; the full-bodied malt balances the bitterness to a point where you may find that this comes together more like an amber ale than an IPA. We’d be happy to run into this tap at the local watering hole.
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