Blind tasting review
Rolling Rock
Rolling Rock

Family Pale Lager Style North American Lager
Country USA (MO) ABV 4.6%
Producer Anheuser-Busch
Price $$ Packaging 7oz/207ml, 12oz/355ml bottle; 12oz/355ml, 16oz/473ml can
Characteristics Malty, refreshing

Overview Once a symbol of working class Pennsylvania, Rolling Rock has spent the last decade switching owners, and the Latrobe brewery has gone the way of so many other regional breweries (though the facility is now employed to produce Iron City beers). Currently owned by InBev, the brand is reputedly on the market again.

Flavors and aromas We might quibble with claims that this is a premium lager, but it’s not half bad as an American-style lager. There’s plenty of sweetness in the malt, a hint of hops, light but contained skunkiness, and lively carbonation. You’re not going to find anything revelatory, but this could easily be the best option in a cooler at a barbecue near you.
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