Blind tasting review
Guinness Draught
Guinness Draught

Family Dark Ale Style Stout
Country Ireland ABV 4.3%
Producer Diageo
Price $$$ Packaging 11.2oz/330ml bottle; 14.9oz/441ml can
Characteristics Roasty

Overview It’s hard to think of a beer brand that commands a more universal respect than Guinness, which is spoken of in reverent tones from Dublin to Dubai. Even those drinkers who lack the fortitude to drink it pay an honest, ungrudging respect. This version emulates the creaminess of a nitro pour with a widget. And yet…

Flavors and aromas Other than its opaque color, nearly every aspect of the Guinness mythos comes across as overstated. The famously heavy, filling beer is actually light, both in flavor and alcoholic content; the should-be-powerful roast flavors are meek and watery, and the overall impression is one of half a dark beer stretched to fill a full bottle’s portion.
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