Blind tasting review
Murphy’s Stout
Murphy’s Stout

Family Dark Ale Style Stout
Country Ireland ABV 4.0%
Producer Heineken
Price $$ Packaging 12oz bottle; 16oz/473ml can
Characteristics Roasty

Overview Murphy’s Irish Stout has been around since 1856. The Murphy’s Brewery was largely a regional brewer before being bought by Heineken in 1983. Cans read “Murphy’s Stout,” and we suspect the omission of the word “Irish” is because the beer was actually brewed in Scotland.

Flavors and aromas Two cans yielded strikingly different results. The first was fiercely smoky, in both the nose and palate. The second tempered that to diacetyl and ashy, burnt coffee notes in the nose. In both samples, a light, thin palate was roasty, dry, and notably watery. The roast flavor lingers on into the finish. While the absence of smoke in the second can was a relief, this still struck us as a beer with issues.
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