Blind tasting review
Wolaver’s Organic IPA
Wolaver’s Organic IPA

Family India Pale Ale
Country USA (VT) ABV 6.5%
Producer Otter Creek
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy

Overview Vermont’s organic Wolaver’s beers were contract brewed by Otter Creek starting in 1998. The Wolaver family was so happy with the results that in 2002 they bought Otter Creek and merged the companies. The Wolaver’s lineup continues to be all-organic.

Flavors and aromas The nose has citrusy hops and toasty malt, which is an odd combination. The first impression of this beer in the mouth is one of sweet, grainy malt and flavor hops, but bitterness marches in at its own pace and gradually takes over, building into a gripping, somewhat astringent center for the beer. Our tasters felt that this IPA lacked complexity, but they generally liked it. If you’re nervous about bitterness in beer, this is probably a beer to leave on the shelf.
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