Blind tasting review
Budweiser Select 55
Budweiser Select 55

Family Pale Lager Style Light Beer
Country USA (MO) ABV 2.4%
Producer Anheuser-Busch
Price $ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle; 12oz/355ml can
Characteristics Refreshing

Overview Typical light beers have about 100 calories per 12-ounce bottle, and weigh in at 4% to 4.5% alcohol. Select 55 has just over half the calorie count and just over half the alcohol. Any guesses on how they get there? Buying regular light beer and cutting it with water would be much cheaper—you’d get two beers for the price of one.

Flavors and aromas Watching people drink this beer is fascinating. It’s so light and thin as to beggar belief. Lightstruck notes from the clear bottle (consistent across multiple tastings) are modest, but still overwhelm all else. Our biggest question is how it’s possible to brew a beer with this little flavor (aside from the skunky notes). If there’s a market for “vitamin water”, then might there be a market for “alcohol water”?
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