Blind tasting review
Oro de Castilla
Oro de Castilla
Rueda, Hermanos del Villar

Style Light white Old World Country Spain Price $14
Vintage tasted 2009 Grapes Verdejo

Overview This wine has excellent pedigree: the Rueda region has been producing Verdejo since receiving a grant by King Alfonso VI in the 11th century. For centuries it was a famous source of this fresh white wine, until a blight of disease (the infamous phylloxera louse) destroyed most of the vines; the region has been recovering ever since. Hermanos del Villar gives us a hint of what those wines might have tasted like—and who would say no to a taste of history for $14?

Nose Impressively complex and aromatic, it has tropical fruits (including papaya), and vegetal, stone fruit, and floral aromas.

Mouth Though some of our blind tasters found it a bit too low in acidity (and thus a bit flabby), they all liked the green apple and pineapple.
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