Blind tasting review
Mark West Pinot Noir
Mark West Pinot Noir

Style Light red New World Country USA (CA) Price $11
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Pinot Noir

Overview The revolution marches on: with their wine appearing for the third time in The Wine Trials, the comrades at Mark West continue to fight their Pinot for the People campaign (and to maintain a faux-Marxist website that’s worth checking out). Their manifesto demands “rich, fruit-inspired, easy-drinking wine,” and this lush Pinot is nothing if not easy-drinking. It remains to be seen whether these wines will topple class divisions or foment international uprisings, but we can’t wait see what Mark West’s Five-Year-Plan has in store.

Nose True to their words, the folks at Mark West have turned out a lush wine filled with red fruit.

Mouth The fruit is so ripe it almost seems cooked. But it’s hard to fault them for delivering on a promise.
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