Blind tasting review
Bogle Pinot Noir
Bogle Pinot Noir

Style Light red New World Country USA (CA) Price $13
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Pinot Noir

Overview This Pinot is soft, filled with berries, and easy to love. Our blind tasters loved its simple, delicious flavors— which is all we’d ever ask from a New World Pinot at this price. And we must admit that we’re often skeptical of California Pinots, as the heat and sunshine are enemies of this delicate grape. But this is a lovely version even though it’s New World all the way. Best of all, its acidity will help it pair with a huge variety of your favorite foods.

Nose Our blind tasters called it “pretty,” and enjoyed the rich red fruit.

Mouth It’s soft, but its acidity provides structure and keeps it from being overdone.
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