Blind tasting review
Monthaven Merlot
Monthaven Merlot
Underdog Wine Merchants

Style Light red New World Country USA (CA) Price $6
Vintage tasted 2007 Grapes Merlot, Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot

Overview The boxes are doing extremely well this year, reflecting the fact that you can increasingly find very decent table wines wrapped in cardboard. This one is impressively complex for a Merlot at this price point, and we certainly wouldn’t feel at all ashamed to pour it for company—though we might recommend hiding it in a giant three-liter brown paper bag.

Nose Vegetables, dried cherries, spice, and even dried flowers make an appearance. Very impressive.

Mouth More cherry, herbs, and vegetables. It’s also a bit tannic, with acidity that our blind tasters figured would be great with food.
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