Blind tasting review
Opala Vinho Verde
Opala Vinho Verde

Style Light white Old World Country Portugal Price $9
Vintage tasted 2009 Grapes Trajadura, Avessa

Overview As you might have noticed, we love our Vinho Verde. That’s not just bias: the combination of their easy-to-like style, rock bottom prices, impressive consistency, and refreshing essence make it a hit with our blind tasters. This wine, a particularly good reminder of why we like Vinho Verde so much, has been getting raves in the wine blogosphere for quite a while. But don’t just take our word for it; at $9, it’s easy enough to sit out on the porch and try a chilled bottle yourself.

Nose It’s fairly faint, but concentrate and you’ll pick up apples, peach, and a great floral aroma.

Mouth Crisp, refreshing acidity, clean flavors, and a slight effervescent prickle—it’s a Vinho Verde, all right.
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