Blind tasting review
Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling
Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling
Summit Reserve

Style Sweet or aromatic Country USA (WA) Price $10
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Riesling

Overview Typically, “late harvest” means just what it sounds like: grapes are harvested later than usual, allowing them to further ripen and develop more sugar. This can be more difficult than it sounds. If made without care or with a low-acidity grape, the wine can be sickly and cloying. But when done well, a late harvest wine can offer rich flavors and decadent sweetness, followed by a cleansing swipe of acidity.

Nose So delicate it’s hard to pick out individual components, the nose definitely has floral aromas, straw, and faint fruit. One blind taster also smelled candle wax.

Mouth Many of our blind tasters experienced the same progression: an initial honeyed sweetness (with some peach flavor) quickly gave way to bright acidity.
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