Blind tasting review
Zardetto Prosecco
Zardetto Prosecco

Style Sparkling Country Italy Price $14
Vintage tasted NV Grapes Glera, Chardonnay

Overview Prosecco made with Glera? You read that right. In 2009, the name of the grape was changed back to its old moniker to reduce confusion surrounding a newly minted DOCG. So Zardetto Prosecco is indeed Prosecco. Its flavor profile is quite different from that of Champagne; it doesn’t have the so-called “creamy mousse” that the wine establishment looks for in French sparklers. Rather, it’s light-bodied and fruity, neither yeasty nor toasty—a lot like hard cider, in fact.

Nose It’s fairly faint. Still, blind tasters smelled red apples and a bit of minerality.

Mouth There’s more red apple, more crisp acidity. The bubbles are a bit coarse, and some blind tasters complained about the general over-fizziness of this bottle.
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