Blind tasting review
Valleclaro Rosado
Valleclaro Rosado
Vinos Sin Ley

Style Rosé Country Spain Price $13
Vintage tasted 2009 Grapes Prieto Picudo

Overview In an effort to promote innovative winemaking, a group of vintners from around Spain banded together to produce wines that depart from the traditions of Spanish winemaking. They call themselves Vinos Sin Ley. Their techniques often violate the strict wine production laws of the state as well, and they wear this fact as a badge of pride: Vinos Sin Ley translates into “wines without law.”

Nose No one was impressed with its unnatural hot pink color, but the rich fruity nose prompted several tasters to compare it to an intense red wine.

Mouth One blind taster was reminded of rhubarb and cherry pie…à la mode. Since that’s certainly not like any Spanish wine we’ve ever tasted before, this whole without- laws thing must be doing something.
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