Blind tasting review
Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale

Family Pale Ale Style American Amber Ale
Country USA (CA) ABV 6.8%
Price $$$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 22oz/650ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy

Overview According to Bear Republic Brewery, Red Rocket is a “bastardized Scottish-style red ale.” We’re not terribly sure what they mean by that. We’ve dubbed it an American amber ale, but our tasters liked the big flavor and ample hops, so we won’t quibble.

Flavors and aromas We wouldn’t dream of calling Bear Republic’s offerings “balanced,” but that didn’t stop our tasters from loving Red Rocket Ale. With a big hop profile that is more like an IPA than a lighter pale ale, this beer is really driven by bitterness, with a bit of malt hiding within. Plenty of hop flavor and some dark grain notes fill out the package, but we can’t recommend this fine ale unless you’re ready for pronounced bitterness from start to finish.
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