Blind tasting review
Full Sail Amber
Full Sail Amber

Family Pale Ale Style American Amber Ale
Country USA (OR) ABV 5.5%
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Hoppy

Overview Full Sail’s Amber ale, according to the brewery, was the first bottled craft beer in Oregon, after they bought and installed an aging Italian bottling line named Mimi.

Flavors and aromas This beer is definitely on the lighter end of the pale ale spectrum in aroma and flavors. Most of our panelists found it thin and lacking, although there’s a certain easygoing delicateness to the beer that might appeal to the flavor-timid. Light caramel flavors, soft bitterness, and a hop profile that’s not 100% American give it a slight English-ale tinge.
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