Blind tasting review
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Family Wheat Beer Style American Wheat Beer
Country USA (MA) ABV 4.1%
Producer Boston Beer
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, unusual

Overview The Boston Beer Company has spent much of its existence as a contract brewer, hiring others to produce beers to their specifications and recipes. Today, they brew a third of their beer, but the rest is still brewed offsite.

Flavors and aromas Cherry is evident in this beer from the first sniff, overwhelming any malt or hop character, but the aroma is acceptable. In the mouth, though, the synthetic-tasting cherry (which comes from real Michigan cherries, apparently) runs headlong into unexpected and striking bitterness, leaving a strikingly medicinal, NyQuil taste moderated only by the lack of heft in the body. Wheat character emerges in the end, but can’t really help.
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