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Weihenstephaner Hefe
Weihenstephaner Hefe

Family Wheat Beer Style Bavarian Hefeweizen
Country Germany ABV 5.4%
Price $$$ Packaging 11.2oz/330ml, 16.9oz/500 ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, refreshing, yeasty

Overview Weihenstephan claims (though they’re not the only brewery to do so) to be the oldest brewery in the world, marking their founding at a Benedictine abbey in 1040 CE. Today, they’re affiliated with (and surrounded by) a technical university.

Flavors and aromas Traditional Bavarian hefeweizen flavors are evident in the nose—clove and banana—but there’s also a pleasant lemony/coriander note, as well as wheat malt. The flavor here is smoothly grainy; more hot cereal malt than bread, and it’s complemented with clove spiciness and fairly mild banana notes. The low banana character gives this a dryer finish than some of the hefes we tasted, but this was a popular choice.
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