Blind tasting review
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Family Wheat Beer Style Bavarian Hefeweizen
Country USA (CA) ABV 4.8%
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Refreshing, yeasty

Overview Kellerbier is a hoppy, unfiltered German cask lager—“keller” meaning “cellar” or “basement”—but Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis is not a lager; it’s a traditional Bavarian-style hefeweizen.

Flavors and aromas Soft, classic hefeweizen banana and clove tell you from the get-go that this is not your typical American hefeweizen. The palate is exceptionally smooth and creamy for a hefe; there’s no grainy texture to be found here, just smooth malt and clove spice. There’s a touch of barely metallic hop bitterness in the finish, but this is a wonderfully drinkable hefeweizen.
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