Blind tasting review
Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer
Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer

Family Wheat Beer Style American Hefeweizen
Country USA (MO) ABV 4.4%
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, refreshing, yeasty

Overview Is the tide shifting on American wheat beers? Between this and Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis, it seems like high-profile craft brewers are looking to change American attitudes about what wheat beers taste like.

Flavors and aromas Our tasters didn’t quite know what to make of this beer, stylistically—it’s got elements of American and Bavarian hefeweizen as well as Belgian witbier. There are soft esters—mostly pear—on the nose, along with a floral sweetness. The palate shows grainy wheat character, pepper, and yeast, with a slightly sweet finish. We think this is a nice alternative to traditionally bland American hefeweizen, in a style that isn’t exactly what you’ll find anywhere else.
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