Blind tasting review
Aventinus Weizenbock
Aventinus Weizenbock

Family Wheat Beer Style Weizenbock
Country Germany ABV 8.2%
Producer Schneider
Price $$$$ Packaging 16.9oz/500ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, strong, unusual, yeasty

Overview Weizenbock is wheat beer brewed to the strength and intensity of bock beer. And if this 8% alcohol version isn’t strong enough for you, there’s also an eisbock version, where the beer is frozen and chunks of ice removed, concentrating it further.

Flavors and aromas You’d be forgiven for guessing that this moderately dark beer was Belgian, given the ample esters and rich dark sugar/molasses notes. But banana and clove are your cue that this delicious beer is from the German side of the border. This is probably a good test of whether you appreciate banana esters, which carry through from start to finish. Our tasters do, and they loved this beer.
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