Blind tasting review
Pyramid Haywire
Pyramid Haywire

Family Wheat Beer Style American Wheat Beer
Country USA (WA) ABV 5.2%
Producer Magic Hat
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Refreshing

Overview Pyramid isn’t the flashiest craft brewery around these days, but it is one of the largest. The Brewer’s Association estimated that in 2009, Pyramid was the 5th largest craft brewery in the US. That’s a lot of hefeweizen.

Flavors and aromas We won’t mistake this for a traditional hefeweizen anytime soon, but there’s some charm here. Light wheat and floral aromas with a hint of fresh cider or lemon juice introduce a light-bodied, slightly fruity ale with a slightly grainy texture. Carbonation is relatively low for a wheat beer, but the mouthfeel is nice. The finish has mild fruitiness and wheat and seems slightly sweet. Drink cool on a hot day to maximize enjoyment.
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