Blind tasting review
Flying Dog Gonzo Porter
Flying Dog Gonzo Porter

Family Strong Beer Style Imperial Porter
Country USA (CO) ABV 7.8%
Price $$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, roasty, strong

Overview A generation ago, the Imperial porter style was basically nonexistent. Today it’s on the front lines for craft breweries looking to make names for themselves with big, flashy beers.

Flavors and aromas Dark malts, coffee, and alcohol are all prominently featured in the nose here, preparing you for big intensity. That intensity is there, as is the alcohol. Our tasters split between those who found this to be simply big, dark, and hot, and those who enjoyed the interplay of alcohol, dark roasts, and malt, describing it in terms that wouldn’t be out of place in a doppelbock description. This was one of the most polarizing beers we tasted for The Beer Trials.
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