Blind tasting review
Ayinger Celebrator
Ayinger Celebrator

Family Strong Beer Style Doppelbock
Country Germany ABV 6.7%
Price $$$$ Packaging 11.2oz/330ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, roasty, strong, unusual

Overview The focus of both German and English brewers on the importance of malt character as a dominant element of flavor is highlighted by a partnership that has existed for some years between Ayinger and England’s Samuel Smith, which brewed a line of beers under the brand Ayingerbräu.

Flavors and aromas Of the three German doppelbock beers our tasters tried, this was the best liked. The aroma shows rich, dark fruit notes, dark caramels, some alcohol, and roasted grain notes—an unusual flavor in a style that gets its dark color from long boils. This beer fills your mouth with massive malt flavors, forming a spectrum from light sugars and caramels to rich roast notes, along with intense dark sugar and spice combinations that hint at rum with the warming alcohol.
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