Blind tasting review
Anchor Old Foghorn
Anchor Old Foghorn

Family Strong Beer Style Barleywine
Country USA (CA) ABV 8.0%
Price $$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, malty, hoppy, strong

Overview Anchor’s take on the English barleywine style was one of the originals in the US—first produced in 1976, it has served as the template for a distinctly American version of the style. These beers have a long shelf life; well-stored bottles can last for over a decade.

Flavors and aromas A big, thick nose of rich caramel, citrusy hops, and alcoholic sweetness introduces a straightforwardly classic American-style barleywine. An expansive fruity palate has raisiny dark notes, thick texture, loads of sweet caramel, and full citrusy hop character. There’s just enough bitterness to begin to cut through the sweetness. Still, we could stand for a little more bitterness or a little less sweetness, but if you like barleywines, this is a dead-on example of the style.
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