Blind tasting review
Happy Camper Cabernet Sauvignon
Happy Camper Cabernet Sauvignon

Style Heavy red New World Country USA (CA) Price $9
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon

Overview You can just feel the branding effort exuded by the Happy Camper website, which reads like a laundry list of focus-grouped slogans with exclamation points after each: “Happy Camper is a taste of freedom! Strike out for adventure and head to the horizon. In three varietals, Happy Camper is your ticket to the good times ahead! Life is an adventure. Don't forget the wine!” It’s not the kind of bottle we’d grab from a grocery store shelf. Which made us question our biases when the brown bag came off and we realized that underneath this stereotypical grocery store Cab label was some pretty decent wine.

Nose It’s quite herbaceous, with a chemical note that disturbed some of our blind tasters.

Mouth More acidic than we’d expect, it has flavors of dried berries.
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