Blind tasting review
Steakhouse Red
Steakhouse Red

Style Heavy red New World Country USA (WA) Price $13
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon

Overview This cousin to the ever popular House Wine is the beefier, gruffer member of the family. While it has some of the same fruit flavors as House Wine, Steakhouse is dominated by herbal and vegetal flavors that can take a bit to warm up to—but that come into their own when paired with (you guessed it) a great steak. We certainly wouldn’t recommend sipping it solo, though; depending on which of our blind tasters you ask, you’ll think you’ve been drinking earth, pine trees, or asparagus.

Nose Our blind tasters mentioned overpowering green pepper, black fruit, and herbs.

Mouth It’s astringent and tannic, with pine, mint, and a bit of fruit.
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