Blind tasting review
Yuengling Traditional Lager
Yuengling Traditional Lager

Family Amber Lager Style Vienna Lager
Country USA (PA) ABV 4.4%
Price $ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 22oz/650ml, 32oz/946ml bottle, 12oz/355ml, 16oz/473ml can
Characteristics Refreshing

Overview Once the world was full of regional beers that you had to seek out but had mystique and allure. Yuengling is one of the rare old-school regionals, and we wish there were more of them.

Flavors and aromas “Better than the average light lager,” wrote one taster, and if that isn’t damning with faint praise, what is? The light amber-colored beer has a faint nose, and a flat, thin palate that has hints of caramel and a very dry finish. This is a very clean, very light lager, and if that’s all you want from your beer, we’re sure you’ll be very happy here.
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