Blind tasting review
Coney Island Lager
Coney Island Lager

Family Amber Lager Style American Amber Lager
Country USA (NY) ABV 5.5%
Producer Shmaltz
Price $$$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy

Overview The Coney Island series of lagers is produced by Shmaltz, the same folks behind He’Brew. This beer is the flagship and features a bewildering eight different malts (two or three is where most brewers stop) and six different hops.

Flavors and aromas Our tasters would forgive you if you thought that this was a pale ale rather than an amber lager. The aromas—bright, citrusy hops (and some diacetyl)—combine with mild caramel on the palate and lead to a lingering bitter finish. We liked this beer, but it really isn’t much like any other lager we’ve tasted. Approach it with caution; if you’re in a mood for a basic lager, consider a Sam Adams instead.
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