Blind tasting review

Style Light white Old World Country Turkey Price $11
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Narince, Emir, Sultaniye

Overview Teaching Westerners to wrap their tongues around this tricky language is just the first challenge this Turkish winery faces. After that, it has to contend with the fact that its appellation is hardly a household name in elite wine circles (at least in modern times). Despite all that, they’ve managed to turn out this delicious table wine that’s a textbook example of a fresh white. Oh, and by the way? Narince is pronounced “nah-REEN-jay.” Good luck.

Nose It’s very slightly aromatic, with a touch of fruit and a general sense of freshness.

Mouth With its impressive acidity, this one just feels refreshing. It’s got an unexpected hint of yeastiness that we love.
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