Blind tasting review
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

Style Light white Old World Country Portugal Price $9
Vintage tasted NV Grapes Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto, Azal

Overview One of a handful of wines to have appeared in all three editions of The Wine Trials, Casal Garcia continues to produce inexpensive, bright, summery wines. Don’t be afraid to serve this bottle at a colder temperature than non-sparkling wines: the goal here is refreshment, not elaborate tasting notes. While Vinho Verde is technically not considered sparkling, there is a slight carbon-dioxide prickle. This allows it to pair easily with many different fresh, cold dishes—and could make it the sushi wine to end all.

Nose It’s wonderfully clean, with citrus (mostly lemon and lime) dominating.

Mouth There’s a slight fizz, a good pop of acidity, and bright citrus flavors; we’ll bring a bottle next time we hit the beach.
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