Blind tasting review
Fuzelo Vinho Verde
Fuzelo Vinho Verde

Style Light white Old World Country Portugal Price $7
Vintage tasted 2009 Grapes Alvarinho, Trajadura

Overview Vinho Verde is all about biting acidity and that slight effervescent prickle, and this two-time Wine Trials selection has plenty of both. High acidity can be an acquired taste, but once you’ve caught the bug it’s like being a roller-coaster fanatic: the bigger the better. Meant for sipping outside on a too-hot summer day, this wine will also fare well with sushi—and its lemon-lime flavors make it a natural fit for ceviche. The acidity might strip the enamel off your teeth, but at least you’ll have a great time.

Nose It’s wonderfully clean, full of the smell of stone and citrus.

Mouth It’s more about the texture and biting acidity than the flavor (though the stone and citrus is still here).
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