Blind tasting review
Newcastle Brown Ale
Newcastle Brown Ale

Family Brown Ale
Country England ABV 4.7%
Producer Heineken
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 18.6oz/550ml, 20oz/590ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, refreshing

Overview Newcastle Brown seems to serve as every college student’s first introduction to British beer. It’s not our favorite version of the style—it’s thinner than English ale at its best. But whatever they’re doing business-wise, it seems to be working.

Flavors and aromas Light caramel and toasted malt form the centerpiece of this somewhat divisive beer, which split tasters between those who found this to be a light, pleasant beer and those who thought it thin and empty. One pleasantly missing item was a skunky aroma, which used to plague Newcastle’s clear bottles. This beer may fall into the same too-light-for-some-too-heavy-for-others hole as Negra Modelo.
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