Blind tasting review

Family Sour Beer Style Flanders Red Ale
Country Belgium ABV 5.2%
Producer Palm
Price $$$$ Packaging 25.4oz/750ml bottle
Characteristics Sour, unusual, refreshing

Overview Sour beer producers nearly always blend their beers—the microbes that produce sour character aren’t known for consistency—and like the Grand Cru bottling, this Flemish beer is a mix of young and aged beers.

Flavors and aromas Rodenbach’s regular offering is very dry compared to other sour beers we tasted, and some tasters felt like it was lacking intensity. There’s lots of interesting stuff here, though, from a sour, tangy nose with savory umami notes to an edgy palate that is more acidic than tart. The dry finish is crisp, with some apple character, and is a bit austere, but if you like geuze or other dry sour styles, this is worth a try. If you’re not sure about sour beers, stick to the Grand Cru, which is more forgiving.
9 Duchesse de Bourgogne Belgium $$$$
9 Rodenbach Grand Cru Belgium $$$$
7 Lindemans Cassis Belgium $$$$
7 Rodenbach Belgium $$$$
6 Lindemans Framboise Belgium $$$$
4 Lindemans Kriek Belgium $$$$
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