Blind tasting review
Lindemans Cassis
Lindemans Cassis

Family Sour Beer Style Lambic
Country Belgium ABV 4.0%
Price $$$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 25.4oz/750ml bottle
Characteristics Sour, unusual

Overview Lambic beers are made with wild fermentation; the breweries have slatted roofs that can be opened to allow the local airborne bacteria to drop into the open fermenter. The result is a dry, tart beer with intense and unusual yeast flavors. This lambic has black currants added to make it more palatable.

Flavors and aromas Unlike the other two Lindeman’s we tasted, this one has more apparent lambic mustiness to it, which was a plus to some tasters and a minus for others. Nobody successfully identified the cassis element blind, but there is clear fruit character in the beer, along with definite acidity. Significantly less sugar here, too.
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