Blind tasting review
Negra Modelo
Negra Modelo

Family Amber Lager Style Vienna Lager
Country Mexico ABV 5.4%
Producer Grupo Modelo
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Malty

Overview This is often the favorite or most prestigious beer according to Mexican-beer snobs in the US, but we think Mexico executes better on its classic pale lager style than on dark beer; if you want something in the style of Negra Modelo, there are many better beers. And “Vienna Lager”? It’s an increasingly rare style developed in Austria in the mid-19th century and brought to Mexico by German immigrants.

Flavors and aromas This beer stands out among its Mexican peers, with its full body of caramel and slight roasted notes and light bitterness. But the aromas and flavors here are probably too light to appeal to ale drinkers accustomed to full-bodied dark beers. Still, we appreciate that this is not another pale German lager.
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