Blind tasting review
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn Lager

Family Amber Lager Style American Amber Lager
Country USA (NY) ABV 5.2%
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy, refreshing

Overview Much has been made of the fact that the Brooklyn Brewery has revived brewing in Williamsburg—the borough’s hottest hipster neighborhood. But they seem to be victims of their own success: they don’t have the capacity to brew all of their beer in the ’Burg. Much of the production takes place at F.X. Matt, in Utica. The Lager is by far Brooklyn’s widest-distributed beer.

Flavors and aromas Woody, lemony hops with some floral character contribute to a nose that is light but pleasant. An intensely creamy mouthfeel presents a good pile of flavor hops, unobtrusive malt, and good bitterness. This beer is significantly more dry than most lagers of comparable flavor intensity. The finish shows more hops, and soft bitterness, totally devoid of hard edges.
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