Blind tasting review
Cave de Lugny Mâcon-Villages
Cave de Lugny Mâcon-Villages

Style Heavy white Old World Country France Price $11
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Chardonnay

Overview Drinkers who have sworn off Chardonnay because of the heavy, over-oaked style of many Californian and Australian wines ought to take another look at white Burgundy. These wines are what first made Chardonnay’s reputation, and they can reach stunning heights of quality—and, unfortunately, of price, too. Happily, the local village wines in Burgundy can be great values for those looking for a break from the California style: instead of rich, buttery textures and huge body, the wines produced by Cave de Lugny and its peers are clean, crisp, packed with minerality, and tingling with acidity.

Nose There’s oak here, but it’s restrained and balanced by a bright mineral aroma.

Mouth Continued minerality mingles with refreshing acidity.
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