Blind tasting review
Louis Latour Le Pinot Noir
Louis Latour Le Pinot Noir

Style Light red Old World Country France Price $15
Vintage tasted 2007 Grapes Pinot Noir

Overview If Bordeaux and Napa are the intro courses of wine—relatively easy to understand and indispensable for wine drinkers—then Burgundy is the master class. Its famously confusing appellation system and uneven vintages can baffle even the most devoted student. Thankfully, the mass producer Louis Latour has provided a cheat sheet for the confused and intimidated: its approachable style (athough its future is threatened if the upward trend in price continues) and easy-to-understand labeling should help even the least knowledgeable.

Nose It abandons earthy elements in favor of light cherry and raspberry.

Mouth It’s simple and young (as you’d expect from an entry-level Burgundy), but delicious. There’s also a nice level of acidity.
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